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Video artist and indie video producer Karen Landey, produced nine issues of INDIE ARTS: The DVD Magazine. This cutting edge DVD format features videotaped interviews with mixed media and collage artists and offers ideas for indie artists to take their art to the next level and ways to get their artwork seen.


Her newest release, Video Art by Karen Landey – Entangled is now available on her website  She continues to work on video art that she is submitting to film fests and posting her video doodles and digital collages to this digital sketchbook.



Deep End of the Pool

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I am working on a book proposal of my digital collages and writings on quantum physics, silly and mundane things. Stay tuned for more info to come soon…


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Spent a few days on the halftone portrait of the woman and gradually added the elements that stuck in the final collage.  Love the sticky note on the postcard idea.  Like an after thought or an accidental ephemeral element.

Safe Landing

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Combined two of my favorite images into this digital collage.  The hummingbird is a symbol of timeless joy and lightning is a symbol of sudden inspiration.  They collided with the color palette I chose.

The Idea

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Most dada-esque collage I’ve done so far.  Really wanted to choose random images, text and see what emerged.  It makes sense in the mind of the viewer, or not.


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Did this collage over a two day period and couldn’t think of a title until “Unbroken” came into mind.  Perfect!

Oregon Lens

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I will have two of my video art pieces broadcast on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Lens program.  This televised film festival runs one hour a night for four nights, the third week of August.  This photos is a still frame from “The Promise” one of the pieces I will have aired.

Fresh Cherries

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Bought a large bag of cherries at the Farmer’s Market.  They had never been refrigerated and I’ve never tasted anything so wonderful.  Did this collage as an homage to the tastes and colors of summer and to stained lips and finger tips.