I’ve been putting together assets for a new video art piece so am creating background collages on which to overlay live action video.  I’m so in love with arches, seems all my work has at least a hint of them.  I think its a way to enter into a new realm, the choice being critical to the experience.  Much like life and the many choices made during the day that change a life forever.


~ by RadianceProject on September 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Choices”

  1. I like the arches and the Moorish textures along with the color flow. The arch on the floor is a nice repetition of shape, lending unity. I feel like the one with yellow on the far right is sort of small. Could you enlarge it a bit? It needn’t be as high as the back wall arches. It might pull together better if the yellow were green to get a triangle of green to carry the viewer’s eye around. You won’t appreciate this, will you?

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I am rather pleased that the composition causes some tension. I have video effects of horseback riders traveling through the scene for the new video art piece I’m working on. This should break the tension once you see it all together.

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