INDIE ARTS: The DVD Magazine


Journey into the heart of creativity through the stories of indie artists who have found the courage to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams.  These DVDs will inspire the artist in everyone. 

The materials they use to express their visions are as varied as their unique voices as they talk about their creative processes and the winding paths they are taking to realize their dreams. 

Media that are explored in this series of DVD Magazines about Indie Art include Mixed Media Collage, Assemblage, Painting, Photoshop, Art Dolls, Fabric Art, Art Books, Found Objects, Photography, Visual Journaling, 2-D and 3-D Watercolor, Silver Metal, Fused Glass, Pen and Ink, Sculptural Painting, Calligraphy, Art Quilts, Metal Embossing, Polymer Clay Mosaics, Metal Sculpture, Artist Trading Cards, Wearable Art, Encaustic Wax,  Rubber Stamping and Writing.

Also covered are ideas for artists to get their work seen by others and include setting up a street gallery, a neighborhood art walk and a non-profit art center.  Learn how to get published in books, magazines or self-publish a zine and get info on how to set up your own art group or retail art business.

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