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We had almost four inches of snow yesterday afternoon and I was slipping and sliding to the mailbox today and thought its “sluscious”.  It gave me an idea for this new digital collage…


Return of the sun

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The paradox of the winter solstice is that on the day with the least amount of sunlight, the turning of the wheel begins and daylight increases until the summer solstice.  The return of the sun has been a major observance throughout history and I want to take a moment to honor that.

In your wildest dreams

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Wishing you a very happy holiday season and a happy new year. May all your wildest dreams come true! Squeeky the rescue cat graciously posed for this digital collage while he dreams of being a wild cat somewhere.

Dabbling Forbidden

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Spent a few days working and reworking this strange piece until I deleted the main subject and added this rooster with the intent look.  Have been taking a bit of a break from the computer so its fun to get back to work.

Video Art by Karen Landey – Entangled

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EntangledartworkAm working on getting my DVD of video art   released early next year.  I’ve been working on this project for over a year now and  I’m excited to get my work out there.  Details will be available on my blog as soon as I have them.  It will have 15 pieces on it, using video, motion graphics and digital collage creating dreamy, surreal, lyrical art.  This is a “final” draft of the cover art although I will no doubt tweak it over the next few weeks.

Summer house

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Love the idea of the abundance of summer still lingering on even though the days are getting shorter and shorter. Overgrown, luxurious and fragrant, the promise of another summer season is assured. Used Photoshop filters ink outlines and film grain then blended that with the original image to create a blurry image that also accents the many edges and lines in the collage.

Halloween morning

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Took my camera out early this morning to take photos of the Halloween decorations in the neighborhood and came across this group of sunflowers that I thought were so beautiful.  Used find edges in Photoshop and a curves adjustment to bring out the contrast in this photo.  It brought out some interesting edge effects as well.